Chemistry Lab Equipment – Reconditioned And Recertified

Reconditioned and recertified chemistry lab equipment is a budget-friendly option for small and medium-sized laboratories. Many established industry suppliers now offer revamped devices to help research facilities obtain quality lab equipment at affordable prices.

Reconditioned and Recertified Equipment ensure Consistent Performance

Reconditioned and recertified chemistry lab equipment excels in quality and ensures consistent performance that is comparable to that of new devices. Chemistry lab equipment include devices such as chemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, centrifuges, thermometers, glassware, distillation equipment, blood gas analyzers, sterilizers, and more. Buying refurbished and recertified models help laboratories to save the money that would have gone into the purchase of brand new equipment. Moreover, reconditioned models offer the same degree of safety and comfort as new devices.

Extended Warranty and Proper Service Contracts

Leading suppliers of laboratory devices offer used chemistry lab equipment after careful analysis of their operational efficiency. The entire revamping procedure, including disassembling, parts replacement and repairing are carried out by skilled factory trained professionals according to original manufacturer specifications. On completion of the reconditioning procedure, the devices are retested to evaluate their performance. The equipment is then packed, and recertified before delivery. Reliable dealers ensure the following:

• Proper service contracts
• Prompt material service visits
• Extended warranty
• On time maintenance services
• In-house service options
• Instant delivery of the products

Buy from a Reliable Dealer

Reconditioned and recertified chemistry lab equipment should be sourced from reputable distributors. Most dealers maintain online stores with premium models of reconditioned and recertified chemistry lab equipment, and offer convenient purchase and shipment options. Purchasing from a reliable dealer ensures chemistry lab equipment at competitive prices and reliable post-sales support.

Where To Buy Laboratory Equipment

Scientific research and medical laboratories need a wide range of equipment to ensure their smooth functioning. The equipment can be bought directly from the manufacturer, but sourcing them from dependable online suppliers offers many advantages. Online stores offer the facility to choose from products of leading manufacturers, as well as compare features and prices. Reliable suppliers would continually enhance their inventory with the latest products and strive to provide valuable service to their customers through new products.

Laboratory Equipment at Reasonable Prices

The equipment that laboratories usually invest in includes blood gas analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, chemistry analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, coagulation analyzers, microscopes and centrifuges. Most of these instruments are very expensive. Most labs and research facilities look for suppliers that can provide them quality products at competitive prices. One of the greatest advantages today is the option to purchase used and recertified lab equipment at competitive prices. Laboratory equipment suppliers ensure that the used products are revamped, refurbished to original manufacturer specifications, and recertified before they are offered for sale.

Ensuring Quality

Using premium quality products ensures that laboratory experiments are conducted efficiently. So laboratories need to choose a medical equipment supplier that offers quality products from respected manufacturers in the industry. They also have to ensure that the lab equipment is bought from a dealer that offers proper warranties for each and every piece of medical equipment supplied, competitive prices, service contracts, safe shipping and prompt and efficient after-sales service.

How to Find Good Dealers

Browsing online directories and yellow pages can help in locating a reliable supplier of quality lab equipment. Many dealers even offer parts and consumables also along with the new equipment they supply. Their knowledgeable and dedicated technical experts offer excellent service to help their customers locate the right kind of equipment for their needs.

Things to Know Before Buying Lab Equipment for Chemistry Labs

f you are someone who runs a chemistry lab, you should know that having the right medical apparatus is absolutely critical. To meet the application requirements in chemistry labs, you will need a wide range of lab equipment. All chemistry labs need basic devices to analyze samples, assess a wide range of conditions and the functions of organs, hold samples, heat and measure solutions, mix different types of liquids, and for other purposes. It is important to purchase products that provide accurate results in minimal time. Before buying lab equipment for chemistry labs, there are certain things that you should know.

Here Are Some Facts to Know

• Know about the Different Chemistry Lab Products: Some of the laboratory equipment widely used in chemistry labs are: microscopes, chemistry analyzers, pipettes, centrifuges, hot plates, measuring cylinders, flasks, funnels, balances and scales, refrigerators and freezers, water baths, dry baths, and hot plates. Each has a specific task to do. The demand for these products varies based on the field of research and diagnostic needs.

• Look at the Different Brands –You can find a wide range of lab products, from leading manufacturers. With so many brands to choose from, it is better to get some idea as to what to go for. Make sure to conduct a research on the internet, where you will come across many manufacturers offering a variety of lab equipment.

• Make Sure to Purchase the Equipment with Technologically Advanced Features: Most of the equipment that is used in labs come equipped with advanced features and sophisticated technology, and deliver excellent functionality, reliable service, and accurate results. First of all, you have to consider the kind of work you are doing and select the right product that can efficiently meet your routine diagnostic needs.

• Choosing Chemistry Lab Equipment within Your Budget – Budget is a crucial factor while planning to buy lab products. If you are on a tight budget and are set on buying used equipment, then you will many places where you can purchase these products without compromising your budget. Recertified equipment is an affordable alternative to purchasing new. Some lab equipment dealers supply both new and recertified devices for customers.

• Warranty: Check for warranty options. Purchasing medical laboratory equipment with proper warranty makes it easy to claim for rectification of errors, or ensure replacement if necessary.

• Acquire only from a Reputable Dealer: It is important to pick a reliable, trustworthy dealer. A large number of laboratory equipment suppliers are there, providing quality products for customers.

1. Assure yourself that the company has been in business for at least seven years
2. Make sure that the company also offers repair and maintenance services

Before you go ahead and buy lab equipment for chemistry labs, make sure to take into account all these aspects. This will help you get the product that is right for you in every way.

Octafuge Plus Centrifuge – Ideal Lab Equipment to Buy

Why Octafuge Plus Centrifuge Is Considered As Ideal Lab Equipment

Centrifuges are indispensable medical laboratory equipment used to separate solid from liquid suspension. Octafuge plus centrifuge has been introduced in the market to meet the growing requirements of clinical and research laboratories. This laboratory equipment works on the principle of centrifugal force to separate insoluble components, mainly biomolecule or cell organelles from blood samples. Octafuge plus centrifuge is an ideal lab equipment to buy as the product is incorporated with the latest features and technologies.

Octafuge plus centrifuge with its advanced features also performs other procedures such as removal of chylomicrons, separation of lipoprotein sections and steroid hormone assays. The device is convenient and easy to operate.

Essential Features of Octafuge Plus Centrifuge

Octafuge plus centrifuge helps to carry out various centrifugal applications consistently and with precision. The device includes an 8-place tube capacity to accommodate test tubes ranging between 3ml and 15ml. Its efficiency depends on the angled head rotor with 3300 RPM fixed speed. The centrifuge is designed with auto off 30 minute timer to stop the operation.

The maintenance free brushless motor of 110V ensures great competence. The device is integrated with safety measures to avoid casualties. Mainly, the centrifuge chamber is closed with a lid having safety interlocks to prevent leakage or opening when the device is functioning. The device is mounted on suction cupped feet to avoid slipping.

Blue LED power indicator light is an added feature that enhances the total appearance of the centrifuge and also assists the user in confirming whether the device is connected to the power supply. Moreover, the lid port permits to view the specimen during the process. Octafuge plus centrifuge has a maximum RCF of 1,350g. Its compact design also enables easy cleaning. Braking system, speed control knob and detachable power cord are other accessories worth mentioning.

Where to Purchase Octafuge Plus Centrifuge?

As the Octafuge plus centrifuge is an innovative device, better purchase it from an established dealer. A reputable supplier of lab equipment can also provide quality products with adequate warranty. Such dealers always focus on customer care and satisfaction. Moreover, they also stock a wide range of products from different brands and models to meet the diverse requirements of the clients. Other than Octafuge plus centrifuge, medical laboratory equipment suppliers also deliver gas analyzers, chemistry analyzers, autoclaves, spectrophotometers and a complete range of reagents, lab accessories and controls. Customers are provided with personalized service from qualified technicians for installation and repair of lab equipment. A reliable supplier also guarantees on time delivery and installation of the product free of cost.

Assessing the features and qualities of this lab equipment, it is evident that Octafuge plus centrifuge is an ideal lab equipment to buy.

Always Buy Top Quality Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

To brand a high quality medical laboratory, it is essential to buy top quality medical laboratory equipment’s which will help to maintain criteria and control cleanliness of the same. It is essential that this equipment’s perform with tolerable monitoring, good control measures and correct standards. In particular they should also be reliable, tough and safe to use. The right source from where you can buy top quality medical laboratory equipment are the online medicinal stores as they provide these lab supplies at right value and that too with the declaration of fast and efficient facility.

Laboratory equipment’s and supplies comprise tools and equipment’s which are typically used by scientists while working in a laboratory and are generally used for either performing experiments or are used for meeting and gauging data. The medical lab equipment’s and supplies are glass wares and plastic wares which include microscopes, centrifuges, lab mixers, differential counters, moisture analysers, spectrophotometers and many more. Buying high quality medical lab supplies ensures that they have been mass-produced with good quality material, meet documented quality standards and thus are flexibility and have the ability to bear the adverse conditions during the experiments.

The online medical stores are certainly the best source for the product selection and purchasing of the lab equipment’s. There is a long list of online medical websites and a cabinet of various models which provide full help to the medical doctors to find the top quality lab equipment’s and supplies them need. These websites also include the item images, equipment costs and all the necessary technical information so as to make the task less boring for the consumers. Also there are online appraisals which provide signals to the reliability of the product.

There are a large number of medical laboratory equipment suppliers which are operating worldwide. To buy the top quality medical lab equipment’s and supplies, the suppliers should be chosen carefully. For this you just have to browse through the online directory of the various suppliers and you will get all full information under one roof. This makes the selection process even easier as the buyers can liken the prices and features of different kinds of medical lab supplies and can locate the well-established online lab equipment’s suppliers. The well-established suppliers offer laboratory supplies of best quality which give durable presentation and deliver good results. Some suppliers even offer heavy discounts when products are bought in bulk from them.

Lab Trader offers an extensive variety of online medical supplies and equipment’s at reasonable price. You can also buy laboratory equipment’s and medical laboratory equipment including microscopes, centrifuges, lab mixers and many more laboratory equipment supplies for consumers at lowest possible cost.